FAQs (Help for escorts)

How can I pay for my advert/profile online

1. Log In:
Access your account by logging in.
2. Select a Package:
Choose the package you wish to buy, upgrade, or extend. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the options that best fit your needs.
3. Understand Subscription Options:
Joining the website is free, but for maximum visibility, you can opt for a VIP or Premium subscription.
Decide whether to purchase the Premium or VIP package (select one that suits you).
4. Payment Methods:
Multiple payment options are available, including CRYPTO and CARD processors.
5. Subscription Rates:
Rates are charged on a monthly basis.
To buy or extend a VIP or Premium position, choose ‘Buy VIP or Premium Position’. For extensions, select ‘Extend VIP or Premium’.
6. Agency Advert Payments:
To pay for an advert listed under an agency, navigate to ‘My account’ -> ‘Manage my escorts’ -> select the escort you need to pay for -> then choose the package to BUY or EXTEND.
7. Pricing Details:
VIP Ad total: $80 (calculated as $50 for Premium + $30 for upgrading from Premium to VIP).
Premium Ad: $50.
If you’ve paid for Premium and want to upgrade to VIP, contact ADMIN. You’ll just need to add $30 for manual upgrade.
8. Ad Placement:
VIP ads appear at the top, followed by Premium ads.
Payments are required monthly.
9. Need Help?
For further assistance or clarification, reach out to the admin here.
NOTE: If you buy VIP position, VIP and premium will be activated under your account. DON’T ‘buy’ both VIP and Premium; choose one. The same applies when renewing or extending. Choose ‘Buy VIP or Premium Position’. To extend select – Extend VIP or Premium.

Correct way to pay using Cryptocurrency, avoid this mistakes

Cryptocurrency Payment Instructions:

  1. Ensure you are logged into your profile. The system requires you to be logged in to detect your payment.
  2. Select the package you wish to purchase or extend, either VIP or Premium.
  3. The system will display the exact cryptocurrency amount to be paid.
  4. Send the exact cryptocurrency amount as indicated on the checkout page.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Do not pay a different amount than what’s specified. Paying less or more will result in the system not detecting your payment.
  • Avoid making your own calculations. Always use the amount displayed on the checkout page.
  • Do not send cryptocurrency directly to the wallet without using the checkout page while logged in.


  • If you adhere to the instructions and make the correct payment, your advert will automatically activate the purchased package within a few minutes.
  • Payments that don’t match the expected amount will not be detected by the website’s system. You might end up losing money!!!
What are the different options for my profile? (Difference between free, Premium, VIP)

VIP: You get top priority in the homepage, search results and city main pages. Unlimited inquiries.
Premium: You appear below/after ViP adverts. Unlimited inquiries.

Free: Nothing much is guaranteed. No exposure. Very minimal inquiries.

How can I register as an agency? When adding more than one escort. (recommended)

For those looking to feature multiple escorts on the website, here’s a streamlined guide:

1. Create an Agency:

  • If you need to list more than one or several escorts, start by creating an agency. This is necessary for managing multiple escorts.

2. Benefits of an Agency Account:

  • Having an agency allows you to manage all your escorts from a single page or profile.
  • Escorts listed under your agency will be featured on the homepage and other pages, similar to independent escorts.

3. Agency Registration:

  • To register as an agency, visit this link and select ‘Register as Agency’.

4. Managing Your Agency:

  • Once your agency is registered, you can add or edit your escorts by navigating to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Manage my Escorts’.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage multiple escorts under your agency on the website.

How to edit escort listed under Agency, add tours, verified status, set to private or Delete

Login to your account and follow the steps below;

Click on My account -> Click View my profile -> Manage my escorts

Then click on the escort you want to edit.

Click Edit escort -> Edit profile

From here you can Add tours for free, set verified status, Set escort to private or Delete the escort

  • Choose these options carefully.
  • Setting the account to private hides the profile from public view and makes it visible only to you.
  • Delete my account option deletes the profile permanently and cannot be recovered. Please note that this action is irreversible.
Difference between Agency and Independent escort?


  • Agency is for when you are registering more than one escort on the site
  • When you have registered as an agency you can add multiple escort profiles using the same email, username, and password.
  • Easy to manage your profiles under one dashboard.

Independent escort;

  • When you are adding only one escort advert profile and not planning to add another.
  • In case you need another advert you will need a different email, username, and password.
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